beauty tips

Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

When you received the invitation at the end time so this is very difficult to get the cool look. Here we provide you the quick and fast reaction ideas. But at all the luck you have the choice of makeup tricks which is the fastest way of providing you the gorgeous look. Crazy Karl has brought the perfect and minim time-consuming face beauty tips.

A mask of the radiant skin

Make the face mask instead of taking wasting your time in masking the foundation on your face. It provides you a natural look which is much better than the foundation look. This mask will clean your pores gently and remove blackheads clearly from your face.

beauty tips

Ingredients for the masks

To make the mask pour 2 to 3 teaspoons of milk into the bowl and after it add 1 tablespoon of gelatin.

Process of mask creation and usage

Let the mixture for soaking for about some time. And then microwave the mixture for about 30 seconds or until microwave when the mixture has contains the creamy thickness. When the mixture becomes cold after a minute then apply it on your face carefully. Let the mask dry and then peel the mask off.

beauty tips

Be free from blackheads in just 10 minutes

If you need to remove the blackheads, you can use the quick mask. So for the creation of mixture, you need some honey and cinnamon. Take the two items and made the thick paste. Apply the skinny layer on the blackheads and now place a strip clean cotton over it. Remove this layer after a 5 minute and rinse your face.

Use of quick restoring mask

You have to use the already prepared mask for pampering your tired skin or you may make this mask by yourself. I am sure that your fridge contains some of the ingredients in your own fridge.

Kinds of masks depending upon skin’s conditions

For the dull skin, you have to mix the apple juice with the honey. Apply this thin layer at your face and then peel it after about 5 minutes. And for the dark circles with puffy eyes, you can use the simple potato on your skin and leave the potato for about 15 minutes. And for the irritated skin you have to claim the buttermilk mask, just apply that mask and check the reaction.

beauty tips

Moisturizing the skin clearly

For the fresh look, you have to choose the moisturizing cream which suits your face.

Kinds of skins depending upon the skin’s conditions

If your skin is dry then the beeswax base are the perfect one choice for your skin, If your skin is dry then your moisturizing cream did not have water. For oily skin, you should have to use light emulsions with natural silicone. And finally, for the normal skin, your moisturizing cream will contain the mixture of mineral oils and with dimethicone are the good moisturizing agent for that kind of skin.